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Испрати подарок Lucy t 07. Август 1994 (26), London, Велика Британија Беше онлајн more than one month ago

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AGGELOS more than one month ago


MRSSAMSON more than one month ago

Attn: Fund recipient,

We have been authorized by the European investment bank London and the Federal Investigative Office(FBI) to investigate the reason for unnecessary deferral fund that has been approved by law. During Our investigation found that your payment was Delayed by corrupt officials of some banks who They tried to redirect their heir / compensation fund to your personal Accounts.

In order to stop the dubious act, we have agreed with the European investment bank of London and the (FBI) that we, the International Monetary Fund(IMF), we are able to handle this payment and monitor it Avoid hopeless situations with banks and other organs of the authorities In criminal proceedings.

We have received an irrevocable payment guarantee for your payment from the Imf. We would like to inform you that the European investment bank has decided compensate you with the sum of $1,000,000,000 (one Million United state dollars)and transfer you to your bank account vial WIRE TRANSFER.

contact our correspondent bank head office Sectary in togo Mrs.Anna Gray to give instruction on how you will receive your fund (anagray017@gmail.com) contact her now so that we can start your transaction today.

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k2pex more than one month ago

You are beautiful

AGGELOS more than one month ago

You are very beautiful....

AGGELOS more than one month ago


Grzesiek more than one month ago

Pretty Looking Babe!!😘

MERCIFULLY more than one month ago


MERCIFULLY more than one month ago


tigerady more than one month ago


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